Bespoke & Custom

Design your own furniture

We work in partnership with carefully selected UK furniture manufacturers to produce custom and bespoke pieces. This means we can customise any of the made-to-order pieces from our brands to fit your needs and specifications.

The Journal

All our wooden products use only FSC Certified wood

Forest stewardship council

Forest Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC certification ensures that the wood used in furniture is ethically sourced, legally harvested, and completely sustainable.

This means that with FSC certified wood, we can continue to use wood in all the ways we always have, but it will be renewable and won’t ever run out. When forests are managed responsibly, wildlife has the opportunity to continue to live there and people living there can earn a sustainable living from the land they live on.

For every order we sell, we plant a tree

Tree planting

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet. With every purchase from us, no matter how small, you are doing more than just buying a product or service. We plant a tree for every order we get so you’re helping support sustainable forestry and  protecting our planet for future generations. And that makes a big difference!

We feel very strongly against companies simply “green washing” so we use a company called Ecologi to plant our trees - you can see our forest and how many trees we have planted here.